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^why would you say chiro rather than MD or PT? just curious...
An MD will give you pain killers, or NSAID's to get rid of the pain and or inflammation. They may also recommend that you go to see a specialist for possible corrective surgery (in the case of a ruptured disk).

A PT is good for getting an excercise routine underway to stregthen the back muscles, They can also give ultrsound/electric current treatment to help get rid of calcium buildup and bruising.

A Chiropractor is trained in maniupulating the spinal column and associated skeletal/nervous system back into alignment. Many people suffer needlessly with back or associated pain when a regular Chiropratic treatment program can eliminate the source (pinched nerve, etc).

Your entire nervous system runs straight down the middle of your spinal column. Nerves feed out to various organs and muscles from counduits connected to your spine. It only makes sense that a specialist who is keenly aware of this skeletal/nervous system and who is trained to recognize misalignments and related symptoms is going to be beneficial.

I hope this is helpful, and at the end of the day it is up to you!

Stay healthy.

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