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Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
Being a little dramatic aren't we? BMW has been dumping their heritage left and right these days. That applies even more so to M cars. As a company BMW is a far cry from their past. Aside from the badge and shape of the rear side windows, it's difficult to see any lineage in the first BMW I ever owned, a 1976 2002, and today. Nonetheless a 90 degree V configuration is a more efficient configuration for power, and the compactness makes it easier to place in the chassis for optimal handling. I don't care what they do as long as they do it well. Personally I'd prefer a screaming NA 4-banger in an ultra-light compact chassis but since BMW doesn't care about their lineage then why should I?

I agree with you on the fact that they are getting away from their lineage in many ways, but I am personally not a fan of V6 engines in general. They are a compromised design that have poor natural balancing and require balance shafts to make them properly smooth. They are indeed better from a compactness/packaging standpoint since they are almost half the length, but in my opinion that is where the benefits end.

I see you own a 911 Porsche is a company that knows how to preserve their lineage. At least a Porsche 911 still looks like a Porsche 911 and still has a Flat-6 mounted in the back like it has always been. I will own a 991 GT3 sometime down the road...... and I may or may not have an F30/32 M3 parked along side it in the garage, that depends on how well they do with the FI 6 cylinder engine for the next M
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