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Originally Posted by GhostRideTheWhip View Post
They also said they would never go turbo.
They also said there would never be an SUV M car.
They also said that they would never use the same engine in an M car as a regular 3 series.

Your point is?
What is your point? I agree with you on the M SUV's but BMW has not said they would never do turbos, in fact they used turbos on the 2002 Turbo back in 1973. They have said they preferred the high revving NA engines to FI in the M cars but I guess some things have to change. BMW has been using the same engines in the M cars as the regular 3 series cars for every M3 until the E90/92/93. This was the first version where the M3 had a totally different engine from the regular 3 series cars.

The E30 M3 engine (S14) was a development of the M10 4 cylinder with a S38/M88 cylinder head. The M10 was a series production engine from 1960 to 1987 in many different BMW cars

The E36 M3 engines (S50 & S52) were developments of the M50 & M52 inline sixes from the E30 and E36 3 series cars.

The E46 M3 engine (S54) was a development of the M54 inline six from the E46 3 Series cars.

The E90/92/93 M3 engine was the only M3 specific engine to date. It was a development of the S85 M5/M6 engine which was one of a very few a ground up engine designs for the M division. The S65 has not yet and most likely will not be used in any other BMW car after the E90/92/93 M3.
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