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Originally Posted by Mii View Post
BMW has made a mistakes not selling E46 M3 sedan. There were many theories floating on the web, some suggest E46 sedan platform doesn't look good with wide rear fender, some suggest E46 M3 sedan will directly impact the sales of M5, and it goes on and on. It's an interesting observation as you point out, only until next generation (Fxx) M3 model offer in "coupe only" for us to conclude BMW releases coupe/sedan every other generation. Rest assured all M models were the best in their era, nothing have been forgotten.
Originally Posted by esquire View Post
i actually liked the 4 door e36 M3. surprisingly good looking, despite the fact that 4 doors usually lose a lot of aesthetic appeal.
i can definately agree as i have held on to my motor just for that reason, i love the drive of the car and also i get flexibility of getting people in and out, i was SOOOOO tempted to get the RS4, a neigbouring business owner has 1 i drove it and to be honest just feels to vorsprung durch technik! just artificial very very quick and grippy, but the beema just as the label on the tin says is the ultimate driving machine!

i think the four door looks just as good as coupe if not better in some respects i think it looks more aggresive and bulkier, but i hate those F*** lights, the coupe lights are HOT (REAR lights), oh and it best have CF!