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Erm, you may be the dumbest kid yet. Facts are facts, you can continue tho live under your rock, but as of 2011 IS-F is greater than 4 door M3. You see the drag times, you see the lightning lap, yet you keep drinking the "I own the greatest car in the world bar none" regardless of what facts are presented.


Dave... here is the info on the M3 using the Sport Cup Tires:

Again... I've owned em both... I like the M3, I'm just more of a 'low end' grunt guy... I like Torque... the F does that better in the day to day... and matches the upper RPM pull. And the interior to me is much 'warmer' & luxurious in the F. I may get an M3 another day... but it will be because it's time to try something new, not because I think it's the greatest car in the world.

Why didn't you buy the C63 then? ISF's max torque is very high up in the rev range and falls off steeply after that - C63 is a torque monster if thats your thing
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