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As the M3 E92 is, so the M3 F32 should be!

You already all know, I like numbers, eventhough I am not good at math, so here is what I came up with:

Ferrari F430
NA 4,3l V8
490 PS @ 8.500 RPM
465 Nm @ 5.250 RPM
Redline @ 8.500 RPM

BMW M3 E92
NA 4,0l V8
420 PS @ 8.300 RPM
400 Nm @ 3.900 RPM
Redline @ 8.400 RPM

McLaren MP4-12C
TT 3,8l V8
600 PS @ 7.000 RPM
600 Nm @ 3.000-7.000 RPM
Redline @ 8.500 RPM

An M3 is very different from a supercar, but its engine does emulate a supercar's engine. The Ferrari F430 was the benchmark, times are changing and now the benchmark is the McLaren MP4-12C. As the M3 E92 has a similar engine as the Ferrari, so the M3 F32 should have a similar engine as the McLaren. Cost? The S65 was developped from scratch only for the M3 E9X. Don't tell me it was cheap. This engine will surely cost less, if that is an issue.

BMW M3 F32
TT 3,0l I6
450 PS @ 7.000 RPM
500 Nm @ 3.000-7.000 RPM
Redline @ 8.000 RPM

Come on, it is not impossible, is it?

As M3 E92 vs. F430, so M3 F32 vs. MP4-12C!