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I've beaten them heads up from rolls on the street with my DCT (my friend has one, and he was shocked when I pulled as hard as I did ---> it looked like the 60-130 roll from the "Battle of the Supercars" comparo between the two on Speed Channel), and on the track the M3 will undoubtedly take it as well.

Furthermore, the IS-FAIL has nothing on the M3's interior or exterior. As stupid as this may sound, I really believe it is a "wana-be" M3.

Lastly, please tell me its possible to turn off that beeping at redline between shifts? When I went for a ride in my friends ISF I wanted to rip out the speaker making that nuisance --->

Anyways, of all the cars in its class (m3, c63, etc...) I think the ISF most definetly finishes in last in all categories