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[quote=technik330;9003754]Wow, this forum should be called:

I, genuinely, believe that the M3 is a superb, well balanced, vehicle; however I find the M3 fanboi mentality, that plagues this forum, to be entirely pathetic.

Is it impossible to fathom that some other car(s) might be faster than the M3?[/QUOTE]

No - There are plenty of faster cars than the M3 - but IMO the ISF is not one of them. There is no insecurity here, the M3 is widely regarded as the benchmark vehicle in this class - fact, the ISF is a great car as well. When a car comes out that is genuinely better then i will buy it regardless of manufacturer, i am not a fanboi but i will state my opinion on this forum as and when i see fit. This is an M3 forum - go onto the C63 forum and you will get the same responses there.
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