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Originally Posted by ss134 View Post
1/4 mile drag races mean nothing to me - please show me links of the new track times for the 2011 ISF. Also i still believe a DCT M3 is faster than the ISF. I had a run in with one on the autobahn a few months ago and at the higher speeds my M3 was faster -fact.

This link is discussing a comparison by EVO magazine from 3 months ago - M3 faster to 60 mph, faster to 100mph and faster at 140mph.................. and around the track - we'll just have to agree to disagree.
These two cars are now so close in times that in the real world on the street IMO it comes down to drivers race for the most part. You can quote magazine times all day long and I can do the same thing and not prove thing.

Last week I ran 2010 DCT M3 on interstate 287 at 2 in morning we ran 1 mile race. I won the race, but did I beat the car or the driver. I think beat the driver he was younger guy didn't have as much experience or confidence in his car or it's ability's he didn't seem to push his M3 hard enough. Did that race prove my IS-F is faster than M3 no it prove I was better driver. Yes it's fun to look at and quote all the numbers but once again what matters for me is the real world in the street were I drive my car 99.9 % of the time.

This spring I'll be taking my IS-F to Limerock Raceway and participating HPDE (High Performance Driving Education) classes. Upon completion of the course I'll be doing time trail runs I can't wait to see what my IS-F can do on track it's just one aspect of the car all long with it's ability to be good daily driver which is equally important since in reality that were my car spends most of it's time.