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They have started a strategy to turn the Vision Connected Drive into a BMW M sports car. Planned for a debut after 2015 , The planned model is expected to be lightweight , powered by a Specially massaged Six Cylinder powerplant with double-clutch transmission. And Active-M Tech (more on that in a months time)

The BMW Board saw the interpretation of the Coupe and were blown away.

i8 is one thing - The Vision Connected Drive is another.
Both are being investigated and evaluated for production.
One thing discussed is the Vision Connected Drive being given a "roof" for a future showing to test the water.

Given the 1er/3er matrix is adaptable for mid engine placement is a benefit to the R&D engineers.

The arrival date procedes that BMW will be able to bring and spread costs of carbon Fibre to a more cost effective level when it is in full mass production. But the plan is to bring a more enthusiast friendly approach to a BMW Sports Car . i8 is tomorrows Vision but not everybody will get behind the wheel . This is for the masses.

It will be a true sports car but it will done the BMW way and no one else's.
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