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Originally Posted by davem3fan View Post
But seriously, has anyone run the Red Line 10/60 and done oil analysis?
Since BMW is paying for service, they can 'recommend' only the brand they want, and they obviously have a marketing agreement with Castrol. Any group IV or V 10/60 synthetic oil even for BMW's ridiculous intervals would be fine, and I believe Redline is at least a group IV. For 7,500 miles, like most here adhere to, even a group III synthetic would be fine, but haven't seen any in 10/60.

What I have a problem with is the 10/60 part, especially when not tracking the car. I'm positive engine is wearing more every cold start, especially in winter. Probably a band-aid for lousy tolerances. That might explain why some engines gulp oil while others don't, under similar circumstances. Oh well. At least mine doesn't consume an abnormal amount, since level hasn't moved from full in 3K miles (that doesn't mean is not consuming, but at least less than 1/4L). Ferrari recommends 5/40 Pennzoil Ultra all the time, by the way. Have a great day.