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Originally Posted by DougLikesBMW View Post
Please tell me that TV will be hooked up to a PC. Honestly there is no point in playing this game if you're not going to play it on PC. 64 players in all out war and mayhem with crazy destruction, DX11, teamwork, the community on PC for this game will last at minimum several years to a decade...

If ever there was a time to get into PC gaming it is now, I would suggest building a rig in several months (as we get closer to the release of BF3, Skyrim, Deus Ex 3, etc).

If you are also into The Elder Scrolls series then you have no option but to build a gaming rig. Mods make TES games millions of times better (not exaggerating).
It's like you read my mind lol when i saw this, i came to accept the fact that i probably won't play a console game after this