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Originally Posted by HPFREAK View Post
Show me a better computer for 1300 with a warranty then? I would love to see it. I am not going to put my own PC together. I dont want to waste my time with that and screw something up.
It's really easy to do a little searching on current computer specs, as well as learn how to assemble a PC. I read a few threads on a computer forum, searched for good parts, and ordered from newegg/tigerdirect/etc for the cheapest components. You will save money and it is quite fun to build your own PC. You get warranty's on all the items you buy from the manufacture. Really hard to screw something up thb...Since 07', I have built 20+ computers with no prior experience other than reading a little bit. As mentioned, the parts just "fit" into certain slots.

If you don't care about saving hundreds of dollars, or learning a new skill (hobby for me now), go ahead and feel free to throw your money away on a Alienware...I can't say I didn't do the same with my first computer before I learned about the benefits of custom computers.