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A grand? No way. I already priced out an Aurora with my discount at 1295 bucks with a ATI 5870 and 6G of RAM. I dont need a monitor mouse or keyboard just the tower. I looked at Fry's and they were going to be 400 more for similar parts. I also looked a many custome PC builders like ibuypower cyberpower, puget, and several others and they were going to be the same price but without the security of buying from a large company with a warranty.

The XPS series are great as well for around 200-400 less than the aurora but you cant run SLI or crossfire on them.

I think you are thinking of their Area 51 or Aurora ALX which is nothing more than a fancy tower for 700 more.

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haha i feel you, yeah that 46" will be perfect! really you dont need a resolution any better than 1080p since thats pretty much the highest resolution that almost all media uses, anything higher than that will require a pretty serious graphics card.

nice find, graphics look so sick!! look at the detail on the guns lol

dont waste your money on alienware man, if you buy the parts separately and assemble the PC yourself you'll probably be saving around a grand. it really isnt that difficult to do, kinda like a puzzel, just put the part where it fits lol.
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