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I have a samsung LED 3D and you cant adjust the Hz setting. It is going off of what it is seeing from the output source like the PS3 or XBOX. Mine does the same thing. Mine has 240hz capability but from what Samsung said most devices do not have the ability to output at more than 60-120. So the TV will down regulate to what it sees.

As far as adjusting the color I just set mine at one of the preinstalled settings in the menu. I think I left mine on dynamic which is bright and makes everything look pretty clear. Also remember to go to the plug and play section and set it to game mode when in the PS3 or xbox or you will get a lot of blurr and judder as well as lag.

That is the extent of my knowledge on the TV.

You may want to pay a pro to come out and adjust it after the TV has be running for around a month or two. they want you to wait that long until adjustments are made. Dont use Best buy to do it either. They suck at all things technical. Call samsung and ask them for a list of reputable tuners, or google them and see who has some good rating and reviews. I know a pro tune can cost seval hundred bucks. I am not that picky and the display got better and better over time as it broke in.
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