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Originally Posted by MI6 View Post
Your wife told me.............

Just kidding..........

The new sedan will more than likely have a CF roof but even if it doesn't they are not going to price it cheaper.....

As mentioned before the E36 sedan and coupe were priced the same, and you cannot compare non-M model pricing (ala e90/e92) to BMW's "M" model pricing- they are two very different animals marketing wise.....

So again I strongly suspect pricing will be the same......
The sedan will more than likely NOT have a CF roof. And yes they will price it cheaper than the coupe. It's not rocket science.

BMW have said that all 'M' coupes from now on will have a CF roof, including the M1 which will be one of the next coupe releases.

The M3 pricing has more in common with the M6, which is why it is dangerously close to the M5 price. The M3 sedan will be quite a few thousand less than the M3 coupe because otherwise that too will be too close price wise to the M5.