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Originally Posted by GreasyGinzo View Post
Why would you cermaic coat Inconel?
Purely for aesthetics. The prototype version of this exhaust was black, and that color masked its bulky canisters better than the light color of the exposed metal. I've asked BMW AG if they encountered any problems with the coating -- we'll see what they say. Do you know of any problems with doing this?

Originally Posted by alpina527 View Post
Any indication on it as to who it's made by?
Hi Ian. Nope, BMW is being very tight-lipped about it. I asked them directly if it was Eisenmann about 6 months ago, and the answer was "no", but that was before the production delay pushed the release of this exhaust back from summer '10 to February '11. BMW could very well have switched manufacturers in that time.

Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post

Is this system louder than the ES?
I don't know, as I haven't installed it. Based on the product manager's description and the clip of the exhaust that BMW released last week, I'm guessing that it's going to be less bassy and more raspy than the ES in the low RPMs, less droney during cruising speeds, and louder during WOT. But that's speculation -- I'll let you know in about a week.

Originally Posted by shuggy View Post
Congrats on your purchase!

I may have to check this out once you complete your install!!!
Thanks, Scott. Some friends and I may be doing Cars & Coffee either on 3/5 or 3/12. You should come out to that -- give me a call for the details.

Originally Posted by richpuer View Post
whats the diameter of those tips? same as stock 75mm? I saw it was 74mm on the specs but wondering if thats correct or not
I didn't measure them yesterday, but I will next week. They looked bigger than the stock tips when I was taking these pictures yesterday, fwiw...

Originally Posted by M GmbH View Post
Can you please weigh it for us. It's supposed to be lighter.
I'll have EAS weigh the unit. It was definitely much lighter than stock, though. I was able to pick up the exhaust with one hand yesterday -- not something I could have done with the stock one.

And for those of you inquiring about the price, you can send a PM to Jimmy (GOLFFRR) for a quote. I got it within +/- $100 of what he's been quoting.
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