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Originally Posted by Dre01SS View Post
Just as a clarification, this workout was created by a CrossFit gym, therefore its standards apply. The biggest difference is with pull-ups, where we are measured on efficiency (strict/kipping/butterfly pull-ups, just get your chin over the bar as quickly as possible), and bodybuilding training measures load on muscle (strict pull-ups for maximum load).

For the remainder of the '300' workout, the standards would be the same.
So, you're saying kipping is allowed in teh 300 workout? I was not aware. We were in the Corps at the time and were doing them as per the regs (up-pause-full extension-pause-repeat).

Anyway, regardless of kipping, that 300 workout is hard in general. Maybe not for you, but I think you're a special case. The workout beat my ass when I was in the best shape of my life, and I was in damn good shape. Same with my buddy. Now, maybe if we had done it more often we would have adjusted to it, but we only did it that once and that was enough for me.

Wasn't it just a for-fun competitive workout for the cast though? IIRC, they didn't even use it to get into shape, they just used it for bragging rights at the end? Is that correct?