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Angry 420fps SMASHTACULAR filmed on Casio Exilim cameras

Hi guys,

I just thought I'd share a slow motion clip I've recently made shot on the Casio FH25 and FH100 cameras for anyone who is thinking of purchasing one of these. We got a whole bunch of inanimate objects and smashed the hell out of them.

Both cameras were great to use, very easy to get the hang of and because of their size we were able to put them right up close to the action. I made little protective boxes so that we wouldn't break the cameras too much.

This footage is shot at 420fps on a shutter of around 1/800th of a second. ISO was at either 800 or 1600. Dollar for dollar I'd say these cameras are a no-brainer if you're after something that takes high speed video AND rather nice pictures too. I used the FH25 as my primary camera as it has several more manual controls but overall since I was shooting video they were largely the same.