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Originally Posted by DougLikesBMW View Post
You play at that rez? FUUUUUUARK that must be amazing...

What monitor do you have? My native is 1920x1080.

Come on that's not true. My 8800GTX served me very well from Feb 2007. Just recently upgraded to a GTX 460 and they can be had for around $130 now.
HP ZR30w, its amazing, i actually have to turn my head to look at different parts of the screen, i never had to do that before LOL. tbh i put together one of my friends computers a few years back and he got one of the first Dell 30" monitors, ever since then i promised myself to get one haha.

and yeah i agree, the thing is i hate upgrading, i try to get the absolute best i can so i dont have to upgrade for at least another 5 years, but it sucks to know that you place an order one day and the next day you find out that a new model of a part is being released... then you find out 2 weeks later that the part you just bought is now 300$ cheaper, its like FML haha