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Originally Posted by Mr.Bimmer View Post
As for the D4 setting, on my way home from work I stopped to get a bite to eat. Before I shut the car off, I had been driving in D4. This was after the fact that when I started the car when I left work, it was in the default D2. When I went to start the car after eating, it went back to D2. It always does this. What am I doing wrong? It's like the car is not remembering the last D setting, unless I'm doing something wrong... It's not like this is a huge deal, I just hate D1-D3, they feel like crap. And for the last 17k miles of driving this car, I've had to manually adjust the D settings everytime. It's getting old.

I'll try that EDC method. I don't want to mess with my M drive setting though. I have my M drive set-up a particular way.
Setting the "M key" does not effect your "M drive" settings.