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Originally Posted by karussell View Post
9 pages of responses. hello bmw. make it happen!
As much as I'm in agreement, I doubt the finance guys at BMW think a few forum responses dictate the R&D, retooling, and marketing to get this done.
Especially in the context of the 1M.

Beginning almost 2 years ago, speculation around a 1M was met with huge enthusiasm on this and other forums. Hundreds of affirmations of intent to purchase flooded the postings. Now that the car is actually out, many of those potential buyers quickly converted to complaining or abandoning their intention to buy (too expensive blah blah). They got exactly what they asked for an M car that outperforms the 135 at a price premium and underperforms the M3 at a price discount.

The 1M alone would instill doubt at the BMW executive level around the validity of demand on