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Sorry to hear about this. It really blows and I hope you get your car up and running soon.

Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
It appeared to have been a bad rod bearing that was causing the noise. Eventually the bearing failed, the rod seized onto the crank shaft, broke and one half came out the side of the block.
This ^ doesnt sound right (I'm not calling you out. Just trying to understand better)

1) Bearings squeel (if spun) or rattle for just about everything else. They do more than tick before total failure.
2) You would have a noticable temperature increase (good thing for the oil temp gauge)
3) Was a good degree of oil burned up from the heat of the bad/spun bearing?
4) Find out what the color of the broken connecting rod is? (bluish, from the heat?)
5) And the car never stalled or anything before the rod blew?

We have forged steel/magnesium connecting rods. I'm not sure they would just snap because of a bearing and I have never seen one seized to a crank.

Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Other 2008 motors have been torn down and found to have wear on the rod bearings that could have eventually failed as mine did.
Right, but you also had 11psi and meth injection. The bearing issue really doesnt apply here.

Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
The current status is that a long block is on it's way, Gintani is covering the cost of the motor and all labor, which is above and beyond what most companies would do. I am extremely thankful to them for doing so, they have always taken care of me.
Dont feel so privilaged. That's what they SHOULD do, bro. Not to mention, they know that we all know your car. It's good business for them to make good.

Once again, best of luck. (we all want to see more great videos soon with your perfectly positioned side-view window and more importantly...rear-view mirror!)
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