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LOL waving to get away under rounds! haha! it's funny because there's no steering! when i used to jump at zephyrhills in florida, once a month a bunch of old crusty ex-mil jumpers would come out and do round jumps from 1200' AGL...every time they would come, there was someone got a broken something or they were fishing a couple of them out of trees. everyone referred to them as club dumbass. but hey, who am i to judge what some people qualify as fun? i sure as hell would never jump a round.

as far as the training, if you ever go through AFF, you'll be conditioned to do the exact same thing. by the time you make your first jump, you're such a zombie on emergency procedures that it's second nature. they call the initial AFF class as the 'bad news class', because mostly everything you talk about is shit that can fuck up and kill you. identify, attempt to correct, cutaway. only takes about 3-5 seconds of time for all that to happen. also helps that through all the hours i've logged in flight training, i've learned some compartmentalization over the years. plus, who wants to die being a dumbass trying to polish a turd into a diamond. that's why there's 2 chutes!

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