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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
wow you're lucky to have lived to tell the story. were you jumping rounds or ellipticals? for those who don't know, collisions under canopy (well, collisions anywhere, really) are among the leading causes of death for skydivers.
It happened on my third jump during jump school. They told us if you're ever going to collide to go ahead and spread your arms and legs out wide. We both did that and we/our chutes just bounced off each other. I guess all the air under the canopies stopped the chutes from collapsing any significant amount. We had large round chutes with no manueverability (no toggles or anything). One second I see someone in the distance heading toward me (and me toward him): a few seconds later we bounce off each other and he's off in the distance again. There was also a second or two (before we collided) when we were shouting at each other and waving our arms at each other to get away!

It sounds like you remembered your training well and methodically dealt with that lineover malfunction despite your adrenaline kicking high. I'm glad I never had to pull a reserve.
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