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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
It would be much easier to take power off the battery directly for SmartTOP rather than route a wire to the glovebox.

FYI: Modules manufactured/sold after Sept 2010 do not require this.

SmartTOP has no bearing on existing features, placing the module into bypass mode will verify this if needed.
Not intentionally, of course, but several people have reported issues with Comfort Access and the trunk, and in fact the manufacturer's page warning about the problem itself says "if the trunk button does not react after the car has been sitting for a while, this is the reason why". I remain unconvinced there are no problems with the latest versions of the modules on certain vehicles without the dedicated power tap workaround (especially given the manufacturer told martinmartin "there is no hardware update that would solve the issue."). It would not surprise me if bypass mode did not eliminate the problem either, since the module remains powered acting as a "router", but I'll give it a try.

So can someone please verify that stock E93s with Comfort Access (and NO mods4cars modules installed) take several seconds and/or pulls on the trunk handle to unlock/open after leaving the car locked and untouched for, say, 1 hour or more?

If that is the case then it appears that my SmartTOP module (purchased from EAS in November) and vehicle (2011.5) do not conflict. Otherwise this is still a problem and I will have to run a dedicated power tap.