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Originally Posted by Pitkis View Post
Great job if this car really exist. Why no build-up photos? This is so complicated job that absolutely more pictures needed from the process. You can take engine photos and interior pics from dashboard using normal E90 M3. And have exterior fitted with M-panels just for visual refit, without engine, suspension or other technology swap. Ok, there are some seat pics also with M-seats inside E91...

If this car really exists, congratulations, perhaps the car of the 2011 in BMW community. Sorry if I'm rude while setting some questions, this just seems to be so complex task to be true that I can't believe it without comprehensive explanation...
in an ideal world yes i'd have pictures but i did not do the build, a friend of mine commisioned it(didn't take pics.!) and i finished it, i watched the car being built and i've done 4000miles in it since last year. BELIEVE ME "IT EXISTS", if i look out my window, it's on my drive.!!