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Originally Posted by paintpro21 View Post
Will that be your track setup, or your daily setup? PS2's are a terrible track tire because of their soft sidewall. That makes them great for the street, but the shoulders wear out prematurely at the track. If that's a street setup, then you may want to consider a narrow front tire and wheel as it will tramline on the street. If it's a track setup then the tire sizes are a good choice, but you'll want to look into different tires.
Neither track or street. A setup for canyon roads with somewhat marginal pavement (meaning patched, crack sealed) making softness and wear not a primary concern (actually an advantage). Tramlining would only be an issue on the "to and from", it's not a daily driver.

I just wanted to be sure that the conventional wisdom was I wouldn't have rubbing with the 275/35s and 295/35s front and rear. If these fit that's great because there's also minimal diameter differences from stock which is gravy (speedo and wheel well appearance).

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