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I know SMG is essentially a manual with a clutch and everything, but take away clutching and gear-rowing action and the entire experience is crippled. Honestly how many people buy a manual tranny daily driver (excluding those that uses a manual car exclusively for the track) for performance? Most of the time you can't get that performance out on public roads, so with that out, all that's left is the fact that you get to have some fun pressing the third pedal repeatedly and rowing that little stick from gate to gate.

I don't hate SMG, I'm sure it has wonderful performance and is a marvelous piece of engineering, but I fail to see the point of it. F1 drivers NEED them because they are travelling at such high speeds they need their ease to concentrate on cornering and the performance because, well duh!

Jeremy Clarkson put it best: "Look at me! I've got one of them gearboxes from Michael Schumaker!"