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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
Just picked up a second DSLR, a mint 1D MkIIn. 9,000 clicks on the body. Strange choice, you say? 5 year old camera, you say? Only 8 megapixels, you say? True, it's "low" resolution. But there is one thing this camera has that few others do - blazing, blazing fast auto focus. It's a perfect camera to take into the canyons and it cost less than the price of a 7D. Also, I'm not done with new acquisitions just yet...
8 megapixels or not, it's going to do a good job, especially if you don't crop your pictures too much.

Nice purchase, mind me asking how much it set you back?

9000 shots is only breaking that camera in!!!

Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
^^^ Nice. I almost did the same thing this past Friday. Pulled the trigger on something else instead, though.
what did you pull the trigger on instead?