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Originally Posted by svencz View Post
The service guys haven't figured out the problem by removing the gauges. If you have any idea/suggestion, please share it now otherwise my whole dashboard is getting dismantled tomorrow.

I'm really worried that if they take it apart something else will break, but unfortunately the buzzing is too noisy to bear ..
Curious to know if you found the root cause for this buzzing noise. I have a 2009 E92 M3 and have had the exact same problem for a while now. A buzzing noise emanates from the dashboard usually starting at around 60mph and becomes very noticeable at 80mph. It happens regardless of engine speed or which gear I am in. My only guess is that it might be caused by wind vibrating something at speed.

I mentioned it to the dealer when I had my car in for service to replace the windshield a few months ago. When they had the windshield out of the car they put in some extra foam/insulation between the gap in the dash and windshield hoping that would fix it. Ultimately it didnít and I canít locate the exact source of the sound. Iíve put pressure on all the dash panels while driving to isolate it, but no luck. Any advice would be appreciated.