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Originally Posted by Legion5 View Post
Just so you know the manufacturer break in proceedure is primarily designed to keep you from messing up your car. It's one of the worst break in proceedures you can do, and by the first few dozen miles the engine is utterly broken in for all intents and purposes.

I've worked in and around high end open wheel racing and the engineers on racing teams unanimously laugh at the manufacturer suggdested ultra long break in proceedures for cars. I've seen both engineers from the top schools with the latest knowlege and guys with 40 years of experience with engines laughing at manufacturer break in proceedures.

Basically the main purpose of keeping the engine at low RPM for 1200 miles is because the oil is filled with solids from the first few miles of break in. Following the manufacturer proceedure will protect the engine if you don't change the oil repeatedly within the first few miles which is something that nobody does and therefore the manufacturer proceedure is born. The manufacturer break in proceedure, while being safe and not as technical as a proper break in, both takes a long time and significantly reduces power output.

If you want to know how to properly break in your car and enjoy the engine sooner, read this:
That is a great article, and one I have used to break in my Corvettes. My first Z06 I broke in similarly to what BMW recommends. The second one - same exact engine - I stood on after I turned out of the dealer's lot (it was fully warmed up), and did several hard blasts that day. The second one got better mileage, and put down 14RWHP more on the dyno than the first one.

I've heard mixed reports from various BMW mechanics on this, so like everyone else you have to make up your own mind what is best. IMO 1200 miles is too long on any new engine to wait for an oil change (I do it no later than 500), and if one is inclined to follow the drive it like you stole it method, I would certainly get the first oil change done sooner, even if I had to pay for it out of pocket.