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KW V3 Coilover Install on '11 E92 w/ EDC (WARNING: Many Pics)

I wanted to share with everyone pictures from a recent suspension install. This would be the third set of KW Coilovers I've purchased. I've had KW's on my prior vehicles and was very satisfied with the results. My M3 is equipped with the EDC option and so I opted for the Macht Schnell EDC Module (to silence the annoying EDC error).

The coilovers were installed over at European Auto Source, and they were gracious enough to allow me to snap detailed photos of the installation process. I've also snapped some pictures of the OEM Competition Package suspension for those interested in seeing them up close.

I noticed that a lot of vendors do not have close up pictures of an actual coilover set for the E92 M3 and so... As soon as the coilovers arrived, I brought it straight into the photo studio to shoot some closeups. for those of you who have not seen V3's up close, you'll see them here

Ok, I'll let pictures do the talking now. Enjoy!

The box straight off the truck, UPS label and everything.

Box Opening- As you can see, the coilovers are intricately packaged.

All the vital parts are properly protected prior to shipping.

Pictures of the coilovers....

Rear Height Adjustment

Front Dampers- The adjustment location is at the bottom of the coilover, meaning that you do not have to remove the entire damper from the vehicle just to adjust dampening.

Quick pics of the car prior to lowering.

Front Suspension

OEM Spring/Shock before removal

This *should* be the headlight sensor... don't forget to loosen this component... expensive part to replace!

The OEM Spring/Shock assembly coming out.

Don't forget to use a spring compressor



Rear Suspension

Rear Suspension prior to removal.

Stripping the trunk down...

Removing the OEM suspension from the rear

Assembly w/ KW's

Macht Schnell EDC Module is installed inside the trunk just above the battery compartment.

OEM Parts

This is what the OEM EDC controller looks like for the front.

OEM Competition Shocks (Rear)

OEM Springs/Shocks (Front)

OEM vs KW Comparison Pics

Pics of car After Installation (Before height adjustment)