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Originally Posted by ward
keep in mind the porsches don't have a differential at all, they have a transaxle and they wouldn't be able to put all that power down without some limited slip device (probably just goes by a different name)

the porsche traction control does turn back on, IF you're way out of shape and on the brakes really if you're on the brakes hard while you're out of shape you're looking for help anyway

you'd need to also point out how the bmw traction control is much more active and noticable during agressive driving. The car slaps you on the wrist for aggressive driving. Porsche system is so good you almost don't have to turn it off
Every car has a differential. Every car. Transaxle is the way where/how the gearbox is situated. Older 911s had the LSD as standard, the new ones including Boxsters dont

The way Porsche keeps it's safety by putting back on the safety system when enganging the brakes is just not nice. If you want to go fast or play with a car on a track/drift(which we do a lot) don't buy the newest Porsche or maybe wait for the Carrera RS/GT3 or Cayman RS which will cost $$$$$$$$$>

Otherwhise choose an M Z4 or something like that