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Skyline Run VII - Planning Thread

Skyline Run is back for its 3rd year! Let's get the planning started. Please choose your preferred date. Also IM, E-mail, text message, or talk to your friends to have them log into this forum to cast their vote. I know a lot of people rarely check the forums in the Winter season.

Check out the route plans below and let me know which route you prefer. I'm thinking a reverse route of Skyline Run V or VI - lunch being at the traditional Melting Pot Pizza, of course. Or we could just re-run one of these, they were all great.

Route Maps:

Skyline Run I & II:,1.39801&z=10

Skyline Run III:,0.699005&z=11

Skyline Run V:,0.699005&z=11

Skyline Run VI:,1.39801&z=10

And finally, should this be a charity run or free?
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