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Top Ten Things To Do When You're Bored of Writing E-mails At Work
(moanings of a cube-farmer)

1. Declare "Tawk Like a Gangstah Day", and re-type all 'yo e-maylz in urban-onics.

2. Throw some curveballs at your favorite search engine; nothing skews an optimization heuristic like a search for "+midget +ASCII +pr0n +cookbook"

3. Attempt to move objects around your desk using only your mind and a cleverly-concealed length of string.

4. Arrange a bunch of little army men on your desk. Aim them all at one of your coworkers. Insist that it's "purely a defensive measure".

5, Create a blog for your cat. Fill it with ranting, political invective against "our simian masters".

6. Browse for jobs that could potentially suck more than yours. Apply to them.

7. Clean your keyboard. With q-tips. And water. And go key by key until it's spotless.

8. Go to a random forum you've never visited, preferably one that caters to a topic you have no interest in and know nothing about. Jump on and ask lots of stupid questions.

9. Knit a hedghog.

10. It's all about Twizzler Pull-&-Peels...what could they do for your cubicle? What tasks could they automate?
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