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Originally Posted by mudd786 View Post

I saw th HUD working in the M5, friends car, must admit it looks awesome n honestly wanted it, but i was always unsure of how quick and accurate it would be as it is projected (am i right?) and projection units in my experiance generally have a sluggish response time, so i think things like temp or initial start may affect the clarity of writing, i am not sure as i havent driven a M5 long enough! maybe someone who has could enlighten me, love the seats you feel as though you are in a roler coster!! what ever the dash has in it i cant wait to be snapping the tacho to red line n hear the beast roar! !
In the M5, the writing was always good, it never changed. However I did notice that if I was driving in S6(or any other mode) and I was trying to accelerate really fast, when looking at the HUD I had to shift when it was yellow as if I waited a bit in yellow then it would hit the rev limiter. The resposnse time was a little slow because the revs just circled the dials way to fast. I absolutely love the HUD as it was very practical also in daily driving. However the response time needs some work still. Don't get me wrong though, the difference with real time is prob. less than 0.1 secs. But that little time difference makes all the difference when you are driving for performance.