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Originally Posted by thesag3 View Post
It's not the greatest thing, but not the worst either. Kinda have to accept it and get over it if you don't have a garage. My car got keyed on the second night I had it. Not to mention a couple scratches on the rear bumper.

-bumper bully ftw-

I try to park behind a hydrant as much as I can. That way, no one can park in front of me, and behind me I have the FUGLY B.B. protecting my butt.

One time, at around 3AM, I was just street/people watching and out of nowhere, these drunk teens stumbled down the block and furiously front kicked a passenger-side mirror clean off a car. As furious as I was, I was extremely impressed by the form of his kick, especially considering his lowered dexterity at the time of intoxication lol. And this is in a pretty decent neighborhood.


wow bumper buddy is freaking ugly. I feel like that'd draw more attention to your car.

FWIW I parked my 135 for a year on city streets every day, never had a problem, and now my mustang.
I think it depends more on the WHERE.. when i would visit my girlfriend in my saturn in a different are of the city, it'd never fail to get a new scratch every day or two.