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Originally Posted by 007MCoupe View Post
oh man. i remember watching the drafts just to see who Millen was going to pick. Mayhew (i'm guessing he's the GM? IDK much about the Lions) has done well with what he was given and has turned that franchise for the better. I remember the Roy Williams trade. I was deployed and all the Cowboy fans were livid while the few Lions fans felt it was like winning the Super Bowl! haha

The Lions are one of those teams I can see doign really well in the upcoming years, but never *quite* getting there, much like the Texans in our division. Not knowing much about them as a franchise and being on the outside looking in...I'd say their needs are a shut down corner (like you said, Prince would be amazing here) and IMO a DE or 2. Van den Bosch is getting old but he's not quite at that age that he can't still contribute but getting there.

Yeah Millen was mentally challenged, to say the least. Now I see him on TV as a commentator for football games, and it makes no sense. If you've been the worst failure in the history of an industry (no one has put together a string of failure in the NFL nearly as bad as his reign), then how the hell are you still allowed to be a public liaison and supposed "expert" within that same industry???

Yeah getting rid of Roy Williams was good for us. The dude had monster talent - when he decided to give effort. Unfortunately, that wasn't too often, and he wasn't an extremely positive figure in the locker room. Dude could play football, but when you've got Megatron behind him, there's no need for him anymore.

If we need a DE, it would be a DE that can come in on running downs, nothing more. I don't even know if we need that. I believe Avril (who is only 24 btw) is actually doing well now that there are good DT's on that line too. He's playing to his potential. I'm pretty sure he led the team in sacks this year, and much like Suh, could be found chasing people down after they broke through the line of scrimmage. He's starter material for sure, not just by Lions standards, but by NFL standards period.... Let's not forget that McBride (25) came in for Vanden Bosch towards the end of the year and showed he's no slouch either. He makes a great platoon DE, and if he develops a bit more, he could definitely be a starter. We are very solid on the D line, especially at DE. Now, if we could only do something about Williams jumping offsides on an average of more than once a game....

We need at least one solid LB. Julian Peterson sucks in a scheme where he never blitzes (which ours is considering the pressure the front four gets), Levy (23) can be good, but I think he tires out trying to chase people who the current OLBs missed. Carpenter (27) could be great on running downs, but he's not the quickest guy. Other LB's on the roster would be Dizon (22), Palmer (24), and Follett (23), among others. There's room to develop there, so I wouldn't be surprised if one of these guys stepped up. That just leaves one OLB spot to fill. That, and getting a shut down corner in a secondary with Delmas (23), Spievey (please gain some fucking weight and learn to tackle if you're gonna play safety, 22), Houston (26) or Smith (better learn to fucking tackle too, 25).

Get a veteran LB and a shutdown corner, and that defense is sick. For a long time to come assuming it doesn't cause cap problems (which it definitely will).