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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Fucking Millen. What a failure. And although he did draft some highly touted prospects, he definitely did not always draft the best player available. Remember the Mike Williams pick? He was probably the only person on the planet that thought Williams would be worth a damn.

It also works well if you have a million "needs". That way, you don't have to get rid of anyone valuable in order to get a good player at that position. The Lions had a million needs a year or two ago, but now that they don't, they're going to have to change their strategy.
oh man. i remember watching the drafts just to see who Millen was going to pick. Mayhew (i'm guessing he's the GM? IDK much about the Lions) has done well with what he was given and has turned that franchise for the better. I remember the Roy Williams trade. I was deployed and all the Cowboy fans were livid while the few Lions fans felt it was like winning the Super Bowl! haha

The Lions are one of those teams I can see doign really well in the upcoming years, but never *quite* getting there, much like the Texans in our division. Not knowing much about them as a franchise and being on the outside looking in...I'd say their needs are a shut down corner (like you said, Prince would be amazing here) and IMO a DE or 2. Van den Bosch is getting old but he's not quite at that age that he can't still contribute but getting there.