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Originally Posted by Ben335 View Post
Make sure your CEL is still working. Powerchip had some problems and were turning off the CEL completely on cars regardless of wether it was stage I or II. Quick test, when you start your car the SES light should come one for 1-2 seconds, then turn off. If you don't see the SES light, then your SES light is off.
I will check tomorrow morning when I leave for work, but I am able to see the CELs for other "alerts" when I scroll through the menus. Does that count? In any case, I'll take a look.

When I did bring up that concern with Powerchip, they did confirm that a prior employee used to do that, but they are no longer employed. Something about how someone from Powerchip left the company to make his own company or something and "hacking" the flash to just turn off the light. I'm not exactly sure, I don't remember. Maybe someone from Powerchip can chime in.
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