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✚WHEELSTO | New Product Release - SSR "WERFEN" GT-04

SSR Wheels is no stranger to the aftermarket wheel industry. They have been expanding their wheel line to cater to the distinct taste of euro market, mostly towards the BMW enthusiast.

For the 2011 program, we introduce the SSR "Werfen" GT-04. Based off the "Werfen" GT-03, it combines the newly designed split spoke pattern, and the beautiful anodized and polished outer barrel to bring out the natural luster.

19", 20", 21" Sizing Available
Sizing ranging from 7.0" ~ 12" wide. Offsets range from different disk types for a precise specification

18-19 Reverse Lip
20-21 Stepped Lip ("Werfen" GT-04S)

SSF (Semi-Solid Forging) / HTM (Heat Treatment Manufacture) aluminum processed center disk with an anodized polish lip

(SSF) The SSF technology which results in a pure cylindrical alloy billet free of non-metals, gasses, oxides and other impurities. This billet is then used in molding the desired shape, producing a dense and strong aluminum. SSR is the only wheels company to use this process.

(HTM) Heat treatment manufacture. After the wheels go through a spinning process during manufacturing they are heat treated for a second time. This application of heat increases the strength of the wheel. As a result the wheels are lighter and stronger making them ideal for hard tuned race cars and heavier vehicles.

SSR has moved to creating a Greener Company. The SSF production process is much better, environmentally, than other wheel production processes; the SSF material is heating using a high induction heater, which produces zero harmful gasses.

Disk Type:
(NR) Disk for standard, larger factory calipers.
(HP) Disk for Big brake clearance.
(SL) Disk for Maximum lip, less brake clearance or smaller brakes.

18 x 9 ~ approximately 27 lbs

Colors/Finish available:
Search Light Silver - Standard Finish with many different options available:

WheelSTO is an authorized dealer of SSR Wheels