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Originally Posted by EBuyuk View Post
I know that you don't get too much. But 0.4 secsonds in the 1/4 mile is a good number IMO since the car already has a good time in the 1/4 mile to begin with. We both know from following the M5/M6 board is that the aftermarket headers do indeed provide about 35-40hp. That's all I was trying to say.
actually it's header, cat + it's not header along tha tprovide 35-40whp

i donno if he just calculated the crank hp
but he ended up with
Stock: 500 hp
Header, Cats, ECU: 551.37 hp

if it's just header + cat i'd say that's great..but with ECU upgrade
that's just ok........I was expecting ECU would add like 40-50hp on euro car haha