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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post

Mayhew has done well so far in the drafts, using his "best available regardless of position" methods, but now that the Lions don't have as many gaps to fill, he's going to have to jockey for spots to get the best guys for those gaps, trade up or trade down depending on whether there's no one at our spot that we need, or to get our guys earlier in the round. Keep in mind, he's also excelled in FA, and there are a lot of stellar players left, and the Lions have plenty of cap room.

We'll see. This off-season will be interesting and for once it's not because we're all trying to figure out who the Lions are going to nab with their top5 pick!
This only works if you are prepared to trade the player for the position you wind up needing to fill. You can't keep drafting WRs... *cough* *cough* ...
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