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Originally Posted by solefald View Post

You can try pulling the hard drive from the old macbook and hooking it up to the new one. But you will either need a USB enclosure that does SATA or one of those external SATA adapter thingies.

1. remove battery

2. remove 3 screws from metal plate covering the hard drive and ram

3. remove plate and get hard drive out

4. best buy trip (buy 2.5" sata enclosure)

5. install macbook's hard drive onto enclosure

6. plug enclosure to new macbook with provided usb cable

7. good luck figuring out how to organize your stuff from old drive onto new system.

8. if you where in miami i would do it for ya for $100 fee

9. extra step, take the old computer to an apple store and they'll do if for $99

hope this helps