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Originally Posted by elm3 View Post
I would have the insurance take care of it. It was an act of God, you did not plan for the snow, so it should not go against you on your insurance.
IT DOES . Only if you hit an animal it goes to your comprehensive; otherwise it's collision man. Even when it's your first accident in over 25 years, like in my case.

Anyway, almost the same thing happened to me (no snow or rain forecasted... on my birthday), but I did hit a cattle guard right after I regained traction (never lost all control by countersteering, but there just was no traction on the tarmac). Damage was just cosmetic, but still added up to 10 grand. Was mad as hell, mostly for believing the PS2 tires were any good in those conditions. I could have turned around and avoid that, but never imagined those tires being absolute crap in winter. Live and learn. And yes folks, the PS2s are strictly a SUMMER TIRE, so them being crap in winter should be a given. Good luck man. And yes, make an insurance claim. My premium went up about $100, so it wasn't that bad.