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Learning, slowly ...

Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
Kafka, I'm not sure which part of Canada you're in, but I know all the BMW Driver's schools in the North Eastern part of the US do not allow convertibles. However, I do not know the rules for the Canadian driver's schools. You should contact your local chapter of the BMW Club of Canada and then click on your closest chapter on the left side. They will be able to tell you their rules before you buy the car. Good Luck.
I've had more time to look around for driving schools and have learned that the advice I got earlier (not from this forum), that cabs are ok for many US driving schools, may have been dated. It seems that all the schools I've checked out do not allow convertibles (unless 4 point roll bar has been installed) because of changes in track insurance issues. This is a MAJOR disappointment. Some schools in Canada still let us participate but this is slowly changing (no cabs in some advanced levels) so I'm hoping our Canuck insurance regulations change very slowly. I guess this means I should really enjoy the open top on the road now because my next M3 will have to be a coupe. I guess there is more of a trade off than I anticipated..%*$^(()&^.
Part of the "problem" also is that the more I drive the M the more I want to drive faster and smarter. The dealer forgot the addiction factor when he sold me my M.

If any of you happen to know of any driving schools that still allow cabs PLEASE let me know.