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Fedor looks done, sad to see him go out that way and I was hoping for a third round. He just can't compete with these bigger guys anymore. It's amazing how he survived the full mount position for so long and giving up his back a few times!

Originally Posted by newdadkel View Post
The true heavyweights are just too skilled now. Fedor cant keep fighting guys 30 pounds heavier than he is when the top heavyweights are so good at striking, wrestling, and jiu jitsu.
I dont think he will drop to light heavyweight because his legend was created as a heavyweight.
And he cant compete when you have these guys that cheat and juice up to heavyweight (Alistair) either
Steroid abuse is a real problem. Fedor alluded to Ariel that Alistair is on the juice because he can't see how it's possible to gain 20 pounds in 2 years but Alistair has never failed a drug test and said he never will. There are other guys who have been caught out for steroid abuse in this tournament before and Fedor made no mention of them! Ailistair no longer needs to cut weight to make 205 and now he's a solid 235.