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Suspension "damage" what do you guys think?

So I took my 09 M3 Vert to Vegas for the weekend during Chinese new year from Utah. On the way home it starts snowing HARD what kind of luck is that? As i was almost home about 40 miles on the freeway I spun out about 3 times but nothing happened ( it sucked ass ).

Anyways 5 minutes from home I was going about 20-25 making a right turn sorta up a small hill I spun out again and there was a curb divider in the middle I slid to the left making the right and my left side hit the curb. After that I was like o shit must be ton of body damage and wheel I went outside and suprisingly there was NOTHING.

So I was 1 light down I got home and the next morning man as I drove out of the garage it not right for sure the steering wheel has to be turned to the right about 2-3 o clock to be going straight and I have a DSC malfunction after the emo tears I called BMW and made an appointment.

So on friday I got to BMW I was 2nd in line he said there checking me out 30 mins after I got there. So i waited for about 3 and half hours and he came out with a sheet of papers saying the damages are

Replace left front lower control arm 215.97
Replace steering rack and pinion 2,226.88
Replace left front thrust arm 344.97
Replace left front wheel bearing 514.47
Replace left rear wheel bearing 646.18
Replace all 4 tires 1432.96
Wheel alightment 201.60

with tax and stuff it comes out to 5992.18

Funny thing is he brought out the papers and just said this is what happened and then he said there looking at it still and SO he printed out all this already and said u probably have to replace the back left suspension stuff too but he said U MIGHT. Iono I think they are trying to pocket hella money from me and I'm not a handy man wish i knew more about the cars suspension and what not. Also he asked to keep the car there and I said no i want to take it home so he said okay. As i was preparing to leave he kept asking to come back and call him asap and come back on MONDAY.

I just want your guys oppinion what should I do. Ill be calling insurance but still feel like they trying to hella jip me and theres only 2 Dealers here in Utah so it sucks ass so they know they can do w/e they want.