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Originally Posted by Evolved M3 View Post
Hey everyone i got a couple questions on pre-owned M3's.

After reading through the deals people can or should get, i would like to know how reasonable this sounds. Im looking into the following. (this isn't a car that i found already, just what im thinking could be had)

2008 E92 M3 6MT
Max miles: 20k
Max price: 45k

From reading this, it seams the above can be had with the right negotiating skills, am i right? Could it be better though? Low $40k would be optimal.

Second is it worth it to get CPO if the car, lets say has 20k or less miles? Its still covered under the 5 year factory warranty right (im new to the BMW scene but from reading i believe it has a 5 year warranty, correct?)
Sounds reasonable. Keep in mind anything is possible though (well, almost anything). If you cant find the car you want for the price you want the just be patient and you will find what you are looking for.

As far as CPO being worth it - thats entirely up to you. A 2008 model with 20K miles would still be under the factory 4 year warranty (not 5 year) but depending on the in service date it may only have a year or so left. If this car is your daily driver or if you plan to keep it for 3+ years I think the CPO is worth it.